Make Therapy Fun for Children

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  We help children from Birth to Age 21

At Pediatric Mobility, Aquatic Therapy is a specialty we provide at an offsite location.  Our providers have additional continuing education and experience in aquatic therapy to use with infants and children while treating them in the water.  We are able to provide this service to benefit many diagnosis and conditions such as low tone (hypontonia), high tone (hypertonia), decreased range of motion and for muscle weakness (post surgery or for diagnosis such as muscular dystrophy).

Aquatic therapy uses the properties of water and buoyancy to make movement of the body either easier or harder.  Depending on the depth of the water, walking or weight bearing becomes easier for a child to move.  We use this partial weight bearing to speed the child’s recovery or to initiate independent ambulation.  Aquatic therapy also has been shown to cause muscle relaxation which will increase independent movement and increase range of motion.  The resistance of the water can also be used for strengthening and to improve posture.

Most of all aquatic therapy is fun for an infant or child and can make therapy a very enjoyable and rewarding experience.

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